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5 Tips to Design a Best Quality Customized Mobile Phone Cover

phone cover printing

Now days personalized mobile cover printing is in huge demand, It not only give a fresh look to your device but also reflects your interest & personality. Designing a customized mobile cover is not a rocket science but you need to take care few points while creating the custom phone case for your mobile phone to get a proper print & look. Here in this article we are sharing five tips for you to design a proper customized mobile cover.

1. Choose an Image & Text That Suits Your Personality : Mobile covers not only protect your device from damage but also reflects your personality. So it is very important to choose image & text as per your interest and personality. For example business professionals can choose Motivational Quotes, House wives can add Family Pics, Travel Buffs can add scene pics & travel quotes, Teen ages can add  funny quotes etc. You can design mobile covers with your quotes, pics, arts & texts. You’ll feel special once you design mobile case with a personal touch or feeling.
2. Use Portrait & High Quality Image For Mobile Cover Printing : This is very important to use high definition portrait image for mobile cover printing online. High Quality image gives a rich look to your phone cover. While uploading an image for printing keep camera, speaker and button cuts in mind. Allow some extra space with camera & speaker cuts so that you can get a quality mobile cover for your device.
3. Choose Bright Colors for Background : If you want to add quotes & text on your mobile cover, choose a bright background color for printing. But the real interest is in the bright opposite color of the text with respect to the background. The text color pops because it´s central to the composition. Interesting design can be achieved through color temperature manipulation, as well. Balance the neutrals & bright colors it gives extra radiance to colors.
4. Use Trendy Designs For Mobile Cover : Trendy designs always attract the audience attention. It is advisable to use latest trendy & fashionable designs for your mobile cover. For example : In the recent times beard images & quotes are in trend for Men´s goods & accessories. Mobile cover with PUBG theme are also in demand so it becomes a crazy trend among all the PUBG users. You can choose trendy images, quotes, designs for your customized mobile cover.
5. Choose Phone Cover Material as Per the Need : Now days both hard & soft customized phone covers are available in market. Keep this in mind if you´ll choose soft customized cover then you’ll get the 2D print with it. 3D mobile cover printing is only available with hard poly-carbonate material.
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